Waltham Police Conduct Informational Picket

On Friday afternoon, the Waltham Police Patrol Officers and Superior Officers, both locals of the Massachusetts Coalition of Police, the largest police union in New England, held an informational picket at Waltham City Hall.  Their message was simple: after more than three years since the last contract expired and more than four years without a raise, we want a contract.

 In addition to about 85 police officers, some of whom were joined by their spouses and children, Attorney Alan Shapiro of Sandulli Grace joined the picket line.

Reporter Chris Wangler of The Waltham Channel was on hand to cover the event and interview Atty. Shapiro.

Unless the City actually starts to engage meaningfully in contract negotiations, it is highly likely that these police contracts will require resolution through the arbitration process of the Joint Labor-Management Committee.  Since the Waltham Fire Fighters just received an arbitration award, requiring the police to repeat the same process seems like a waste of resources.  But if the City chooses to play that game, Sandulli Grace Attorneys Shapiro and Kenneth Grace are prepared to ensure that the men and women of the Department, many of whom were hailed as heroes when they supported their brother and sister officers in neighboring Watertown in the aftermath of the horrific Marathon bombing, receive just compensation for their work.

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