That’s a Bad Use of Your Cell Phone

A new tumblr that began in July 2013 is growing in popularity and unfortunately it is mocking public safety officers all over the world. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of a “selfie” ( basically it’s a digital self-portrait (that is almost universally embarrassing and ridiculous). Copselfies twists the mostly harmless and inane practice by reposting selfies of police officers in uniform.

Needless to say, if you are a police officer, taking a selfie in uniform might violate your department’s internet policy or social media policy, as would texting or emailing your selfie to your sweetie, or posting it on your facebook/twitter/tumblr.

It isn’t clear where Copselfies are getting these pictures.[1]  But it is clear that the people behind it are no friends of law enforcement.  The bottom of every page features a quote by Evan Calder Williams, “Let us be plain: Cops are comic objects. And not just in film, not just in comedies. They are comic objects, period.”  More than that, copselfies brags that the only way to have your selfie removed is to fill out a form and wait 4-6 weeks, or “turn in your badge and gun.”

There is one important thing you can do to prevent this type of embarrassing incident that might negatively impact your career: DO NOT TAKE A SELFIE IN UNIFORM.  If it’s too late to un-take these pictures, delete the ones you have.



[1] Maybe they are submitted by spurned lovers?




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