Salem City Council Stands For Public Safety

Based on the diligence of MASS C.O.P. locals in Salem, the Salem City Council took a stand for public safety this week.  Recently, Salem Mayor Kim Driscoll proposed to the City Council that the Police Chief and Fire Chief positions be removed from Civil Service.  This proposal was timed closely with the decision by Police Chief Paul F. Tucker to vacate his position.  Realizing the damage to autonomous public safety operations that could be wrought by this unnecessary and ill conceived change, the Salem Police Patrolmen’s Association, MASS C.O.P. Local 426 and the Salem Superior Officers’ Association, MASS C.O.P. Local 425 joined with their brothers and sisters in Fire to fight against the Mayor’s proposal.   Recognizing good sense, the City Council voted 10 to 0 to send the matter to a full City Council meeting with a negative recommendation.
Congratulations to MASSC.O.P. Local 426 and MASS C.O.P. Local 425, and, respectively, President Rob Phelan and President James Walker for working so diligently together.  When locals in the Massachusetts Coalition of Police work together to agitate and organize – good things follow!   

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