Mcop President Weighs In On Details In Boston Globe, Sandulli Attorney Decker Speaks On Supreme Court Ruling

Tired of the ongoing, and disingenuous, attacks on having police officers perform paid details? So is Hugh Cameron, President of the Massachusetts Coalition of Police, a Sandulli Grace client since its formation. In a letter to the editor of the Boston Globe, President Cameron closes by noting the most obvious benefit of police details, “[H]aving police at details increases the number of police on the street in a community without overloading government budgets. The recent MBTA crash in Canton is a perfect example: The first two police officers on the scene were working at a detail nearby.” You can read President Cameron’s entire letter here.

Sandulli Grace attorney Bryan Decker was also recently quoted in the news. Decker is quoted at length reacting to the Supreme Court’s recent decision in Chamber of Commerce v. Brown, which struck down a California law intended to prevent private companies from using state grant money on union campaigns. Decker noted that the decision likely impacts a Massachusetts statute that prohibits private companies from using state funding to pay anti-union attorneys and consultants. The article, from the front page of this week’s Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly, entitled Supreme Court union ruling hits home with local labor attorneys, is at .

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