Legislature Affirms Intent To Strengthen Wage And Hour Law

Contact The Governor To Tell Him To Stand With Workers On S. 1029

As we noted on Wednesday, earlier this week Governor Patrick refused to sign legislation designed to strengthen penalties imposed on employers that violate state wage and hour laws. Instead, he sent the bill back to the legislature with a demand that it be watered down. I’m very happy to report that both houses of the Legislature have rejected the Governor’s amendment. On Tuesday, the Senate rejected the amendment, and yesterday the House concurred. The legislature will soon formally re-enact the bill mandating triple damages for violations of state wage and hour laws. Once that happens, it goes back to the Governor.

Once the bill is returned to the Governor, he has three choices – he can veto it, he can sign it, or he can do nothing, which will cause it to become law. Let the Governor know that you want him to join with the legislature and support workers rights by signing S. 1029. You can call the Governor’s office at 617-725-4005 or 888-870-7770 (in state). Or you can send him an e-mail using the form on his webpage, http://www.mass.gov/?pageID=gov3utilities&sid=Agov3&U=Agov3_contact_us.

While you’re at it, consider dropping your Senator and Representative a note to let them know that you appreciate their refusal to bend to the Governor’s attempt to weaken workers’ rights. You can get contact information for your representatives by filling in your address here, http://www.wheredoivotema.com/bal/myelectioninfo.php.

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