HRD Now Reporting Scores In Whole Numbers

Some good news today on the Banding case front, as officers who log onto the HRD website to see their exam scores are now being given whole number scores.  As far as we know, lists are not yet established.  We spoke with the Assistant Attorney General representing HRD in our lawsuit today, and she indicated that we should know within a week. 

Several people have called or written to inquire whether our suit prohibits HRD’s delay in producing lists.  They point to G.L. c. 31, §25, which requires that lists be compiled within six months of the administration of the exam (a statute that HRD itself raised to the Court in urging speedy action on the case).  The bottom line is “no.”  Our case only protested the banding of test scores.  Any challenge to the timing of the certification of lists would need to occur via a separate action.  Given that it is likely that lists will be released before any action could be heard, we are unaware of any present plans to file such an action.  However, keep tuned, as we realize that the patience of those waiting for lists cannot last forever.

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And a very happy May Day to all.  

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  1. HRD announced today at the pre-hearing conference for the fire banding appeal that it was rescinding its policy on banding for the November series of Fire promotional exams. According to the attorney present the eligible list for these exams will be good June 1.

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