HRD Gives Up On Banding, For Now

In case anyone hasn’t seen it, the following is now posted on the HRD web site:

2008 Police & Fire Promotional Exam Info Update

Due to the recent preliminary injunction issued by the Suffolk Superior Court in regard to the police promotional exams, the Human Resources Division (HRD) will not band scores for the October, 2008 promotional exams or the November, 2008 fire promotional exams. HRD is planning on moving forward with rulemaking for score banding in the future.

HRD has finally agreed to do what we asked them to do in the first place: not change the scoring system without changing their rules.

As always, we will keep you updated when we get more information.

Alan Shapiro

2 thoughts on “HRD Gives Up On Banding, For Now”

  1. What is the process for HRD to change their rules? Also, if the change to banding is not on the exam announcement, will they be able to institute the change?

  2. Rulemaking is governed by Sections 3 and 4 of Chapter 31. It involves giving notice to interested parties and a hearing before HRD and review by Civil Service.

    Alan Shapiro

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