Governor Patrick Appoints Sandulli Grace Partner Amy Laura Davidson to Division of Labor Relations Advisory Council

Amy Davidson has been appointed to the Division of Labor Relations Advisory Council. The Division of Labor Relations is the newly-formed consolidated  agency with jurisdiction over unfair labor practice cases, arbitrations and the Joint Labor Management Committee.

The Advisory Council is charged with responsibility for advising the new Division of Labor Relations concerning policies and practices that it might implement to better discharge its labor relations duties. The Council will be interviewing and vetting candidates for vacancies in the positions of Director and Board members (formerly known as Labor Relations Commissioners). The Council will submit the names of successful candidates to the governor for appointment.

The Advisory Council is comprised of thirteen members including five representatives of public sector unions, five representatives of public sector management and three non-affiliated members. The Director of Labor, the Chair of the Commonwealth Employment Relations Board and the Director of the Division of Labor Relations will all serve as non-voting members of the Advisory Council.

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