A Word on the Election

Polls open tomorrow to decide who will be the next Governor of Massachusetts.  This year we have a hotly contested race.  We are writing to let you know that we’re voting for Martha Coakley for Governor – and we think you should too!  Attorney General Coakley has been a public servant since 1986.  Her husband is a retired Cambridge Police Officer.  She understands the challenges facing working people and people fighting to survive in the public sector.  The fact that she is a Democrat isn’t enough to recommend her, but her track record advocating for the people of Massachusetts is.  When it comes to your pension and rights at work, I believe Attorney General Coakley will be unbiased and deliberate.

In contrast, Charlie Baker made millions of dollars at Harvard Pilgrim.  In the process, he outsourced jobs from Massachusetts and increased the cost of your healthcare.  Mr. Baker picked our pockets to succeed in business while shipping jobs out.  If given the keys to the Commonwealth he will make the same “tough choices” to eviscerate your pension and underfund the state agencies that protect our rights.

Vote Coakley!

Jamie & Jenni

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