Waltham News Program Highlights Recent MCOP Win

The television news program Waltham Newswatch last night reported on the Waltham Police Union, Massachusetts Coalition of Police’s recent superior court victory upholding an arbitration award in favor of Officer Paul Tracey. The program recounted the events that led to the Waltham Police Department suspending Officer Tracey based on the allegations of a wholly unbelievable “victim,” from the start of the investigation through to the Union’s victory at arbitration and then in superior court (following the City’s inexplicable appeal of a “final and binding” decision).

Sandulli Grace attorney Bryan Decker successfully litigated the case with assistance from Attorney Ken Anderson, of Byrne & Drechsler, L.L.P. You can watch the story here: youtu.be/6fMmbKJDKbs

Read the full decision of the appeal HERE

Read the original arbitration decision HERE

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