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MCOP to support Teamsters’ boycott of Dunkin Donuts

In a show of solidarity with the members of Teamsters Local 25, Sandulli Grace client Massachusetts Coalition of Police (MCOP) has joined in the boycott of Dunkin Donuts. The Teamsters organized the workers of DCP company, the largest distributor for Dunkin Donuts in the northeast, in 2009. Despite meeting three times per month since, the company has refused to agree to a fair contract for its workers. The Teamsters have therefore called for a boycott of Dunkin Donuts, and MCOP has answered the call.

As the MCOP announcement notes, “When the police needed the Teamsters in our fight against “flaggers,” they were there… It’s our turn to support the Teamsters. Please join all Mass.C.O.P. members in boycotting Dunkin Donuts until Teamsters Local 25 reaches a fair agreement.” (Click here to view the MCOP announcement).